Manuel Rodeiro

Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy at the Graduate Center, CUNY

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Baruch College

Manuel Rodeiro

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. I will complete my Ph.D. in Spring 2020. My dissertation, entitled Environmental Transformative Justice: Responding to Ecocide, attempts to combine insights from Transitional Justice and Environmentalism into what I define as environmental transformative justice as a means of delineating the normatively appropriate responses to intentional acts of environmental destruction. My dissertation is supervised by Omar Dahbour with Michael Menser, Jeffrey Blustein, and Charles Mills making up my committee.

I primarily work in the intersection of Environmental Philosophy and Political Philosophy. As a traditional liberal political philosopher, I am interested in exploring the possibilities of revitalizing liberalism so as to better deal with contemporary socio-political issues.

I am an active public speaker: I have been invited to lecture at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as part of their Questioning Democracy Lecture Series and have given talks at Strand Bookstore and other venues throughout New York City.

Also, I received a J.D. from Fordham School of Law in 2010.